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“Spreading awareness about Holistic Living is the aim of Yogihearts. Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and posture. Regular practice can enhance your body’s endurance and resilience.”

Sneha Arora

“Sneha founded Yogihearts, in 2017, and is an official Affiliate of the world’s oldest school of yoga, THE YOGA INSTITUTE  and represents them in the U.A.E and U.K.
She teaches from her heart and her classes are suitable for all levels whether a beginner or a yoga practitioner comes for a class, they come out with a feeling of calm, yet rejuvenated.
Having a strong skill set as a Yoga teacher & a singer over 17 years, she also on conducts The Teacher training courses of the Institute and other courses related to Yoga, wellness and Music
She has been trained in semi-classical music, and as her playlist on Spotify and You tube, specializing in Bhakti –ras and is known for conducting Kirtans and Bhajans in Yogafests, Studios, private and public events.

World’s Oldest Yoga Institute
World’s Oldest Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute, world’s first yoga center, was established in 1918 by the legendary yogi Shri Yogendra Ji also known as the father of the modern yoga Renaissance. Our life-changing courses have transformed millions of lives and created more than 100000+ teachers worldwide. We provide modern-day solutions to all life situations and physical & mental ailments. The Institute has won the prestigious prime minister’s award for its outstanding service to the science of yoga. Sneha has been associated with The Yoga Institute of India since 2006 and having taught at the Institute and accompanied Maa Hansaji in Hong Kong, France and UAE for Yoga workshops . She represents The Yoga Institute in UAE & UK and conducts the 200 Hours Yoga teacher certified training based on their curriculum.

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