Yoga is a journey To the Self, Through the Self”

Yoga is a way of life. Techniques like Asana, Pranayama and more are one important aspect of Yoga Practice. Our classes consist of Hatha Yoga techniques where emphasis is on Yoga Poses done mindfully with alignment and correct breathing technique.

My Story

I stumbled upon Yoga, as a practice in my teens as it was a part of my mum’s routine and I accompanied her to her Yoga class every other evening. I was guided to take up formal training by her teacher, and my journey at The Yoga Institute, India began in 2006. Today, I am honored to be affiliated with the world’s oldest & authentic yoga school, The Yoga Institute, and represent them in the UAE and the UK.

I further received more exposure as a wellness coach and yoga instructor from traditional Hatha Yoga schools and teachers, which enhanced my learnings and teaching skills and gave me the ability to understand students with various health issues, mental & physical and guide them suitably .

I personally benefitted with Yoga philosophy in my difficult times, hence passing the skills and tools that helped me not just survive but thrive after facing difficult challenges in life, and that gives me immense joy.

Training and transforming yoga enthusiasts to become authentic yoga teachers and practitioners, under the lineage of The Yoga Institute, is my passion and my mission.

Through these years, my interest in Bhakti yoga, allowed me to channelize my emotions to a higher vibration and conducting Kirtans and Satsangs has now become a regular highlight at different Yoga venues, yoga fests and private gatherings.

You may find my mantra music on Spotify and You Tube

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I walked in with many health issues, for a yoga class and crossed paths with Sneha who encouraged me to join the 200 hours Teacher training. I cannot thank her enough for not only her guidance but also her skills to help all students no matter what their condition taught me a lot. I am not pursuing health and wellness, not only as a way of life but also as a career.

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Grace Petit

I did the 300 Hours Yoga Teacher training with Sneha Arora, the affiliate of The Yoga Institute in 2021 and this was the best experience I have ever had. My confidence as a person and a Yoga Practitioner has reached new levels. Her techniques, structure and teaching skills are remarkable, and I learnt a lot through this course.

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Ravi Subbiah

I’ve just finished the 200 Hour Yoga teacher training under the guidance of Sneha, the lead teacher of the course & I have to say this has been an incredible journey. If anyone wants to do an authentic Hatha Yoga training – this is the course that is happening in U.A.E Through the course, I received not only knowledge of Hatha Yoga but also formed relationships and bonds with the people of the program. The training is very nurturing. They talk not just about asanas but they teach you a lot of content about concepts, and philosophy which is incredible. I’m just sad that I hadn’t found this program earlier.

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Kevin Crasta

The Teachers training course really helped me from a physical and a mental level. For me, personally, if I have to say how this journey has been, I need to go back to the beginning of the year, where I started off in a very low mental state and I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. There was lack of clarity, I felt like I wasn’t growing enough in my own personal life and suddenly this course came up for me. It was a matter of three days where I came to know about it and I decided to do it because it just felt right at that moment. And I feel like this has been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. This has been really amazing for me, and it has given me a lot of clarity, and what I want to do with my own life. I’m physically also much better. It has helped me not be addicted to different vices. I’ve become healthier in terms of my diet and I’m mindful of what I am eating and drinking.

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Kriti Walia

The experience was absolutely beautiful, it was a very spiritual experience. What related the most with me was the philosophy of yoga. The catch for me to come into this was more asanas, but the more I learnt about the philosophies, about the Bhavas, about different types of yogas and yoga path. The knowledge was just wonderful, it was amazing and I have really truly understood that yoga is a way of life – and it’s not an activity that you do, but a life that you live, based on all the wonderful principles and philosophy that I learnt in this course. The teachers were amazing, very knowledgeable. Each session left me completely in awe of the content of what was being taught and the expertise of the teachers was amazing.

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Petra K.

I completed my yoga training I 2021 and it was such a well conducted structured course with amazing teachers in panel. Sneha mentored me further as a Yoga teacher as well and I could make a career switch, thanks to her.

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