Get a Capsule of Health at your desk!
Get a Capsule of Health at your desk!

An initiative to restore, rejuvenate and re-gain physical, mental and emotional balance even at your work place!

In recent researches, it has been discovered that an investment in the health and well-being of the employees, an organization tends to perform much better than their usual capacity to be productive.

Let’s not deny the fact, that stress and constant change, surely impacts the well-being, however if trained to managed well, through Yoga techniques, Mindfulness and Correct Lifestyle.

Benefits of incorporating wellness at work
Highlights of the Program

A well-being program ensures the mental and physical health of employees with a bonus of also allowing team-building amongst the participants. Desk Yoga, Stretches, Mindfulness, Meditation and many such activities boost the spirit, body and mind. If you are ready to get add that Capsule of Health at your work-place, take the next step and enquire today.

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Well-being at workplace

Well-being at work, does not necessarily mean having long hours of training for maintaining one’s health. Online or in-person, having a consistent program of 30 mins or 60 mins in week can add enough value to help them gain health tips and correct or manage a healthy lifestyle within the corporate routine.

What do we do?

We engage with participants and employees with different themes and topics related to Mental and Physical health for Stamina, Better breathing, Team building, Coaching, Stress Management, Lifestyle management and much more. A fun way to live healthy and with positivity.

About The Facilitator
About The Facilitator

Sneha, has been a health, Lifestyle and wellness coach (yogihearts) for more than a decade and has trained several employees Pre-Covid times in different Companies as well as in the New Normal, via Online Platforms and ensuring a healthy Life Balance for all participants. Having a career in wellness, Yoga, Memory training and Mindfulness meditation ,over 15 years, she has received immense positive feedback from Companies like ICD, LGT, Prime Minister’s Office ( Dubai), Brand Creative, Imdaad, Emril, BNP Paribas Bank, and many such corporates for influencing a positive change in the working environment.