We invest our time and effort to make a living for our survival, but never do we think of the point of survival without a healthy body, mind and spirit. Most people relate to yoga as a physical exercise, which is one of the important aspects for sure to maintain optimum health. However, if one digs deep into the roots, it is actually a way of life, not just that one hour on the mat!

With a fortunate exposure to yoga in philosophy, psychology and technique from authentic schools of yoga in India, like The Yoga Institute, Sivananda Ashram and many more, it has been clearly observed and tested by me as a yoga teacher for 15 years now, that many of the diseases, mental and physical can be reversed with yogic lifestyle changes in one’s routines, pranayama (breathing exercises) and attitude. I would like to share some tips one can incorporate in daily living that combat stress levels in the new normal.

Ease your mind

To channel or give expression to one’s emotions, the psychology bit of yoga gives a technique, which is also now used by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioners in the modern day. The technique of writing 10 positive points at the end of the day is the best way to conquer over that over-thinking and negative mind.

Take conscious breaths

To calm the mind, 10 rounds of simple equal breathing is highly recommended on an empty stomach. This can bring a magnitude of difference to your life.

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